Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cancer Is Curable NOW - A post by Jess Ainscough

I follow Jess and her fabulous blog called The Wellness Warrior - and this is a post that she wrote is fabulous!  So fabulous, I asked her if I could repost the entire thing:

By: Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior

"Find the CAUSE, remove it, and your body will heal!"

I'm going to be blunt here. Drugs do not cure cancer. They just don't. Every now and then, chemotherapy and radiation treatments may put a patient into "remission", but this is not truly healing. This is certainly not a cure. Why? Because cancer is so much more than the tumour it shows up as. The tumours are merely the symptoms. And when you just target the symptom without dealing with the root cause, the disease is going to keep showing up. You can chase the disease around your body with surgery and radiation, and you can douse it with toxic chemicals, but this is not an effective long-term solution. This is why you here so often of people whose "cancer came back". They didn't do the work to truly reverse their disease. Cancer is nothing more than your body telling you that something has got to give. It is the result of a breakdown in your body's defenses after it has endured years of abuse in the form of a toxic diet, toxic mind and toxic environment.

I feel so, so blessed to be wise to these facts. Once upon a time you had to do a lot of digging to find out the truth about how to really heal cancer. These days, as more and more people are fed up with conventional options, searching for something better and discovering that there is something better, they are doing everything in their power to make sure the word is spread far and wide. I thank Facebook, Twitter and the mass inundation of awesome blogs out there for this. But I also thank the hard-working and brave healing experts who risk their reputations and bank balances to tell us the truth. They stand up to the pharmaceutical giants and give us the information we need to make informed decisions about our health.

I realise this is an extremely long-winded introduction into today's post topic but, what can I say, I am pretty passionate about this subject. Which is why I urge you all to buy the new documentary,CANCER is curable NOW. This highly praised DVD features a host of prominent cancer experts including the one and only Charlotte Gerson, Dr Bruce Lipton, Petrea King, Dr Francisco Contreras and Burton Goldberg.

After watching the trailer I immediately clicked through to the website and bought a copy of the DVD. I cannot wait to watch the whole thing! This is what is promised during the feature-length doco:

CANCER is curable NOWThis documentary will empower you to take charge of your own health. It will teach you how to discern clearly what will heal and what will damage your body's innate ability to heal, so you won't be a victim of this greedy medical system. The human physique and its emotional imbalances are a key focus point for many of the cancer experts as a healthy mind-body connection is necessary for a patient to recover and stay well.

With 31 leading global cancer experts, scientists, doctors and authors"CANCER is curable NOW" is the most comprehensive and conclusive documentary about CANCER and HOLISTIC CANCER TREATMENTS ever made. Additional to a multitude of physical and dietary treatments this groundbreaking documentary uncovers the various problems, physical and emotional, that promote and cause cancer.

Instead of telling you about the movie we thought we reveal what's in it.

The information given in the movie transforms your life and provides you with all the tools you need to take charge of your own health. We have avoided hype, false claims and marketing strategies, which are only designed to make you pull your purse. The information provided is factual and scientifically proven.

The 7 Chapters of the Movie

Greed, Fear, Pressure, Obedience, Blind Faith

Household Toxins, Food Toxins, Plastics, Vaccination, Environmental Toxins, Emotional Toxins, Overwhelmed by Life, The real cause of cancer, Dealing with the cause

Self-responsibility, The pain of change, Victory is a Decision, Cancer is a Wake-up call, Finding good support, Common sense, Self confidence, A new way of healing, Healing is possible, Your body heals itself

Exercise, Oxygen, Sunshine/Vitamin D3, Cancer diet, Alkaline, Detox diet, Gerson therapy, Detoxification, Supplements, Vitamin C, Enzymes, Immune boosting

Whole body hyperthermia, Local hyperthermia, Prostate treatment, Ozone treatment, Dental cavitation, Root canal fillings, Antineoplastions, Hormone harmonizers, Nature has no side effects, Low dose insulin potentiation, Metronomic low dose

People are waking up, Healthy Habits, Motivation, Mental Detox, Meditation

Secondary gains, Blessing for all involved, We vote with our shopping cart, It's time to change, Epilogue

Check out the trailer for yourself ...


Has anyone seen this DVD yet? Are you as excited about it as I am?

Positive affirmation for the day: Today I choose to release resentment. Today I choose to forgive. Today I choose to think loving thoughts.

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  1. This is a great article. I agree that the many different toxins we are exposed to are linked to cancers.