Why the juicer?  Why the veggie juice?

When we juice, we remove the fiber from the raw veggies, and the enzymes, amino acids, chlorophyll and live energy goes straight into our blood stream - basically like an IV would deliver something into our blood stream.  Our bodies do not need to do any extra work to break down the fiber in the vegetables and 100% of our energy would be available for healing organs...not digesting.

Our blood pH is naturally alkaline (7.4)  If we eat too many acid forming foods, we throw our blood pH into an overly acidic state, which can be devastating to our whole system.  Alkaline forming foods are so helpful that they actually help to magnetize waste matter out of our cells.

Unfit foods that are acid forming carry a positive charge (note - in this context, "positive" means bad and "negative" means good)  
On the otherhand, raw veggies, fruits, and their juices, sunlight and fresh air all carry a negative charge.  Think of this like a magnet... a negative charge and a positive charge attract one another.

In the case of acidic waste (toxins, cancer cells, etc), alkaline forming foods with their negative charge will magnetically attach to the acidic wastes and literally pull them into all of the eliminative channels for release.

If we have cancer cells floating around in there, drinking fresh veggie juice is like waging a full on attack!  We are alive...and should be eating live foods that are full of energy, enzymes, amino acids, etc.  Raw veggies and raw veggie juice are our tools in the fight against cancer and disease!

More About Juicing from Marlena Torres, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, The Sunshine Center, Lancaster, PA

"The reason why we want fresh, living vegetable juice is to get alkalinity and nutrition in it's most highly absorbable form directly into the bloodstream to magnetize toxins out of the cells. Whole foods do not do this as efficiently. While everything that the body metabolizes will end up the blood stream, the fiber in whole foods mean that a lot of life force is wasted during the process of digestion. This very life force is what we need to cleanse the cells (which make up the tissues, which make up the organs, which make up the body). This is why vegetable juice is a GREAT thing, even though it does not contain the fiber of the vegetables.

The necessity of GREEN juice is also huge. While all juices are very hydrating and nutrient rich, greens are neutralizing. The importance of neutralization within modern living is huge.

Pristine man did not need green juice. This is because they lived in a world without pollution and non-human food (sure they didn't have their green juice, but they also weren't raised on pop-tarts, lunchables, tasty cakes, deli meats, and they didn't spend the majority of their days exposing themselves to radiation from their computer or inside classrooms and offices as opposed to outside playing in fresh air and sunlight). These things that we are exposed to such as radiation/environmental estrogens from computers and other electronics, air pollution (although fresh air is always a good thing, we cannot compare modern air quality to the quality of air even a few years ago, let alone generations ago), stress, and the acidic ash from all consumed food that is not a fruit or vegetable, bog down the body. These things were never meant for human consumption. Therefore, we need the juice to magnetize and neutralize all that we are exposed to. I look at my daily vegetable juice as a safety jacket for living in the modern world, and cleansing as a way to undo my poor choices from when I was younger. Sure I'm still exposed to environmental estrogens and pollution, but I'm also ready to do what I have to do to keep my body free flowing and open: daily green juice and raw salads, proper food combining, daily exercise, and colon cleansing."

 - Marlena Torres, C.N., Lancaster, PA